Tales from Calbeyn in Kalyr

What this is all about

These tales are made up of postings in a play-by-email Role Playing Game.  The campaign started on Compuserve under the designator "KLR", and over the years has spread to other places.

For more information, please follow this link to the GM's own website.  You may find this description of Calbeyn especially useful.

Editors Note

The text suffers from translation problems.  Please remember that the authors were doing their best to post "in character" in an alien world.  For a glossary of terms please see the Kalyr world, link above.  Further changes have been made in editing.  I have corrected such spelling mistakes as I have noticed (especially those made by Duplar) and standardised on UK spellings.

This section is a long project.  Occasionally I have left in links which lead to parts of the tale which have yet to be editied into HTML.  I expect I will again.  Please be patient.

How it all began

The campagin had been running a while when I joined it, so I have no logs of what happened before.  However, I can provide the sequence of events which brought my own charatcer, Duplar, into the plot.

I suggest you read these in this order, but sometimes things are happening at the same time in various threads.  When one charater moves to join another I have used hyperlinks to enable you to follow the plot from any given character's point of view.

Murder at the South Gate Murder at the Vulan's Head How it began for Duplar How it began for Reylorna How it began for Lan
If you have read the first parts already, or just want to leap into the action, you can join the combined party on an investigation.

Much later...

The Monster in the Lift Shaft

And more recently...

The GM's archive.